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Wilson Imperial Company is a division of National Paint Industries, a manufacturer of specialty paint products since 1923.

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Wilson’s products include surface preps, cleaners, paint additives and paint removers. Wilson Imperial "created" the whole industry of "specialty chemicals", and continues to be considered the gold standard in this niche. Wilson Imperial's standard products of WIL-BOND™, CLEANWOODE™ & RUST NO MORE™ are market leaders, & are available throughout are distribution network in the U.S.

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Wil-bond™, Cleanwoode™, & Rust No More™
Deglosser / Cleaners / Metal Primer

Will work on new and previously coated wood, as well as clean or rusty steel, and previously painted surfaces.


All Wilson Imperial products can be purchased from the the following distributors.



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  • "great product"

    "great product"


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